Improving your home can be a costly job.  While you can borrow funds to finance it, it is still wiser to refrain from borrowing money just for a home renovation project. 

Here are practical ways to achieve it without sacrificing your budget.

1.      Restore old furniture

An old settee with a wood frame may be given a totally new appeal.  You don’t have to buy one but you can have it reupholstered.  You can also do a simple makeover yourself by painting that old, tarnished wood with a fresh, light color.  Once you’ve restored it, try to rearrange other furniture pieces to achieve a whole new look.

2.      Visit thrift shops

Replace your worn out furniture with quality, pre-owned ones from thrift shops.  Thrift shops sell furniture in “still good condition” at very hard to refuse prices.  Surf the web and choose the one nearest you.

3.      Coat that wall

If you are tired of looking at your room, give it a makeover without spending too much.  How do you do it?  Simply buy a can of paint and coat your wall with hues that refresh the eye.  You can even do this by yourself.  There are a lot of brushes and rollers that are so easy to use.  This will help save you money which would otherwise go to a handyman or painter.

4.      Declutter

It might help to declutter before improving your home.  Tidy up the basement and other areas of your home where you usually dump your outdated items.  Give them to charity or sell them. You’ll be able to free up much needed space and live in a more organized fashion.

5.      Invest in good lighting fixtures

Change your outdated lighting accessories.  Check your light bulbs if they are still in good condition.  A dimly lit room imbibe a feeling of gloominess.  Make it cheery by buying lighting fixtures that appropriately light each room according to their function. 

6.      Impress with throws

A fast and cheap living room renovation won’t be complete without a change of throw pillows.  If you can’t part with your current settee, then replace the cover of your cushions with eye-catching fabrics.

Home improvement shouldn’t be an expensive endeavour.  These tips will help you liven up your home and still keep your budget intact.